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Brassan Recreation and Tourism Complex in Zahedan

(59 رای)

Brassan Tourism and Recreation Complex is located 5 km west of Zahedan on the road of Cheshme Ziyarat. Brassan Recreational Complex is among the recreational and tourist centers of Sistan and Balouchestan province, which has a variety of facilities for recreation, tour, and various events.

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A small zoo, traditional tents in the form of a black tent, a beautiful, all-stone dining room, a wedding salon, and a green area and parking facilities.
Recreational and tourism complex in Zahedan is one of the attractions of the city of Zahedan, which is visited by dozens and sometimes hundreds of people every day to visit it and enjoy dinner in an attractive environment. The complex is located at a distance of 4, 5 km west of Zahedan on the road of Cheshmeh Ziarat.

  • Background information

    Brasan in the Balochi language means brothers and is invested by three brothers who have already been hotel accommodation in Pakistan.
  • Recommendation

    Mostly known for its Balochi barbecue, called Kabob Champa, it is offered at high prices and high quality. Many wedding and banquets are held at the complex of government agencies and organizations.

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