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Bugorudagh Mountain

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Bukharoodagh Mountain with a height of 2696 meters is located in the city of Khalkhal, central part, eastern Sangbod district, 10 km northeast of Khalkhal city center.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Khalkhal city - Eastern Sangband village

The adjoining section of the Bugar-Dagh Mountains has a good vegetation and short shrubs, but dramatically decreases westward than vegetation cover.

  • Specific information

    The west side of the Bugar-Dagh mountain range has a temperate climate in the province of Ardabil in the summer and cold semi-humidity in the winter.
  • Outlook

    The highlands of the Bugarudha mountain range determine the border of the two provinces of Guilan and Ardabil. The western part of the mountain range is covered with woods.
    The arched arches of Bohrrudagh form an anticolored anticline (Anti Clinorium) with a series of anticlines and strikers. The eastern range of this mountain range is in close proximity to the Caspian Sea and is rich in humidity covered by a vast forest. Because of the severe vegetation and erosion of the forest, this part is limited to rivers and gorges, which appear as tight areas with vertical side walls.
  • Must know

    The direction of the mountain is North-South and its geographical coordinates are 4836 and 3744 inches long.
  • More Info

    The mountain range of Bugrudagh is known in the region with peaks like Brassaha, Jahangiriyeh, Tyrof, Baleh Khani, Sultan Blaky, Ajmagh, Alish Waraw.
  • Cons

    Access to high humidity sources has caused the high altitude of the Bohrrudagh and Aladagh Mountains in the Talesh Mountains to have high potential for landslide events.

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