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Bushehr Chah Kootah Forest Park

(54 رای)

This Park is one of the entertainment centers around the Bushehr port located near a village of the same name and 50 km from Bushehr. Bushehr Short-Range Forest Park is 40 years old and is considered as a beautiful and breath-taking place for tourists and Bushehr residents. Here is the place to live on a variety of plants and birds living on the beach.

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Bushehr Province has a lot of heat due to the weather conditions of many years, hence, tourists and even people from different cities of the country are facing difficulties. Fortunately, the natural attractions of this province are not low, and it is very helpful in adjusting the climate and morale of the people. Fans of clean air and nature, and green nature, can go to the short wellhead park in the province, which is located about 50 km from Bushehr.

  • Background information

    Climatologists believe that the storm of sand and wind, which is the hot wind, has played a key role in the architecture and urbanization of this village. It is said that the village dates back to the Safaviye era, and since the depth of the wells in this area is low, this name is intended for the village. When periodic wars between England and Iran were held, people in this village played a major role in the war, and some can be seen.
  • Specific information

    The park is located in a short well village. This village, with its vast area of plains, has a central texture, reaching 30 meters above sea level.
  • Outlook

    There are paths in this forest that are very beautiful. Beautiful bird singing, the presence of facilities such as parking, etc., has contributed to the greater recognition and superiority of the environment. The landscape of this garden includes a lot of palm trees and golden fields of wheat. Among these forests there are penthouses that you can use for temporary rest, but it is recommended to take care of the cleanliness more than anything else in order to observe the protection of the park, because here is the habitat of some birds too.
  • Best time

    If you are looking for a temperate climate in the province, you should experience the fall and winter of this village, but its summer weather is always warm and dry. You can reach the southwest of the village to the village and its northeast to the villages of Tel Aviv and Douaira.
  • Recommendation

    If you want to spend some time in this village for fun, you can visit the shrine of Sheikh Hosseini's tomb and his children, who have actually been martyred in the Iran-British war. After the pilgrimage of this place, go to the northwest section and visit the Mausoleum of ManuchehrAtashi, a famous Iranian poet.

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