Bushehr Birds Park

(50 رای)

Bushehr Birds Park with 25 species of birds including peacocks, pheasants, chicken and Chinese cock, polish and lari, ducks, geese, pigeons, lunar, love poultry, parrots, fench, bird birds, vulture, eagles, turkeys. , Indian Horned Chicken, ... is one of the charming entertainment centers of Bushehr.

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Bushehr birds park with high trees such as Eucalyptus, Konokarpos are among the shady parks of Bushehr city, which provides a happy environment for families and citizens along the Persian Gulf.

  • Background information

    Boushehr Birds Park was established in 1999 in the Persian Gulf Park in Bushehr, aiming to increase the communication of citizens with different species of birds and create a livelier urban environment.
  • Recommendation

    Bushehr Park Birdhouse is possible if the citizens want to donate birds to this complex, they will be responsible for the park. Also, birds that for any reason suffer from injury or illness are treated and stored in the park.

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