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Castle castle

(56 رای)

Mount Qom is a Ismaili-related mountain, located in Haji Abad Razhu, 9 km north of the city, and this work was recorded on March 25, 1999 as one of the national works of Iran.

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The mountain that the castle is built on is merely a dome, and maybe this is why it's called this name.

  • Specific information

    The castle is located in the west of Damghan Damghan near the village of Power Abad, and also the distance from the castle to the village of 8 km and Damghan is about 15 km, and the walls of the castle are made of stone and plaster, surrounded by it. The castle has three water storage facilities, located in the southern part of the castle, and all three are in contact with each other. Their water is supplied from the fountain spring by a pre-existing water supply
  • Outlook

    The reputation of Burkwooh dates back to the Ismaili era, and when the Hassan Sabbah and the Fadaean, devout with their poisonous fists, drove all the Seljuk rulers and feudals to death, and at that time, a person called the head of Muzaffar, the governor of Damghan, invited him. He accepted Hassan Sabah and, since he was a rich man, he bought Alamut Castle for a price of three thousand dinars, and gave it to Hassan Sabah. He also wrote a letter to the Seljuk monarch and asked him to give him the fortress of Ghorkouh. Shaj al-Seljuk also agreed. He gave him the castle. The head of Mozaffar in the road to the fort was a great effort and spent all his wealth in this way, and he made the castle the center of propaganda of the Ismaili sect and did not condone any help from them.

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