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Castle of Padeh

(56 رای)

Pada castle is related to post-Islamic historical periods and it is located in Garmsar district, Aradan district, Pada village, and this work was registered as a national monument on June 25, 2002.

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  • Address : Semnan, Isadan, village of Pada

The distance between the castle and the center of the city of Aradan is 2 km. It is located in the village of Yatari Oliya, as it is known from the name of the castle. The path to this monument is from the Garmsar road to Aradan, which enters the village on three roads to the village of Yatieri. From the first square on the right of the main road of this castle can be seen, the name Yatari is a Turkish word meaning dormitory,

  • Background information

    Castle of Pada dates back to the post-Islamic period and according to Native people, the region is about 2000 years old.
  • Specific information

    Yatra was a despicable ruler in the past. This very old castle was built on a hill that was very wide. Seni'a al-Dawlah writes about this castle and ten decades. New monuments of Amin al-Sultan Muhammad Ja'far Khan are vicegerents. Is.
  • Outlook

    This building currently does not have a suitable maintenance condition and is inaccurately used by indigenous people and is at risk of destruction by natural and abnormal factors.

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