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Cave of Seven Homes

(15 رای)

: Haftekhan Cave is located in the southwest of Khalkhal city and north of the village of ghost village at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level.

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  • Address : Ardabil - Khalkhal city - Harman village

Seventeen rooms are composed of seven small huts (houses) that are in tandem. This cave has two openings; the main crater is facing east. The four halls are easily accessible from this crater, with an average height of more than three meters.

  • Specific information

    In the cave of seven houses, especially in the early homes, there are long-standing human habitats and rotten bones and man-made rustling corridors. Studies show that this cave is a shiitake shelter (the largest Iranian rodent) and a long bat.
  • Must know

    This cave is located 20 km from Khalkhal city and is located by the asphalt road, which runs from km 16 of Khalkhal-Hashtjin road to the west (garm village).
  • Source

    A seven-storied cave on the site of the Ardabil province's cultural heritage site

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