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Cemetery of the Gate-10 Village

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The cemetery of the Gate-10 Village is related to the post-Islamic historical periods and has been registered as a historical monument in the city of Savojbolagh, Taleqan, Gateh village.

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There are ten historic cemeteries in the distance of 200 meters west of the village of Gatha, where the massive gravestones indicate the extent and number of emigrants buried in the centuries.

  • Background information

    Some of the graves belong to the Islamic era, and some were pre-Islamic period, and there were some works of historical pottery. According to the specimens found, the cemetery dates back to the historical and Islamic era.
  • Specific information

    This work was registered on February 12, 2002 with the registration number 7053 as one of the national works of Iran. In the cemetery, there are at least five tombstones belonging to the Safavid period, which have different dates. For example, one of them belongs to 1075 AH.
  • Facilities

    One of the attractions near the Gate of the Cemetery is the village of Darband. This cascade is located 2 kilometers south of the Ghetto Ten, in a lush valley and among the massive boulders.
  • More Info

    It seems that the location of this flood-exposed place has been used several times for cemeteries in different ages.

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