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Chichist Entertainment Urmia dene

(47 رای)

The Chichestan Coastal Village is one of the beautiful and beautiful areas of Urumia, which hosts thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists every day, especially in the spring and summer.

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  • Address : West Azarbaijan province - 18 km from Urmia city - path of Orumiyeh lake (near Golmanshan port)

Recreational Village Village - Chisinau Coastal Tourist Resort has good facilities for catering to tourists and a good place to go and have a family break.

  • Specific information

    The 3 star flamingo hotel with a capacity of 108 people is one of the chi-chest urmia recreational facilities.
    The chi-chest Urumieh recreational village also offers salt therapies such as salt caves, sports complexes, children's playgrounds, joy train, ice hockey, billiards, table tennis tables, soccer, flight site, radio planes. Remote control, radio control car, motorcycle ride, car rally, natural history library, car racing, coffee shop and more.
  • Facilities

    Other features of Chi-Chest Urmia recreational facilities include:
  • More Info

    In order to develop a recreational village, officials have been working on the construction of an artificial lake specially for men and women, as well as planning for the construction of beach volleyball and car racing in the field of sport.

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