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Chitgar Park

(51 رای)

 This park is very popular with the population of Tehran and Karaj, and being situated on the way of the West-East wind in the province it has a purifying effect on Tehra's air.

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  • Chitgar Park
  • Chitgar Park
  • Chitgar Park
  • Chitgar Park
Chitgar Park Chitgar Park Chitgar Park Chitgar Park مشاهده گالری


  • Price : Free
  • Address : Tehran - Karaj Expy, Tehran, Iran

This garden is surrounded by Cheetgar grounds to the north, Tehran - Karaj freeway to the south and Azadshahr and Pykanshhr to the West. This park with 1450 hectares of densely wooded lands is one of the largest forest parks in Tehran Province. The purpose of the construction of this forest park that is located at the beginning of the wind route to the west of the city of Tehran, is increasing the oxygen content of the atmosphere of Tehran.

  • Specific information

    In total, the area where the Cheetgar park is located, has a lot of terrain features, ups and downs depending on different parts of it and therefore it has high slope variations which range between 0 to 80%. The main stretch of the park occurs in east-west direction and the main terrain features are hilly grounds. Due to Cheetgar watercourse crossing through the park, this area has been divided into western and eastern parts. The eastern region has an approximate area of 253 hectares, while 658 hectares have been devoted to the western region. The minimum and the maximum altitudes of Cheetgar park are 1225 and1313 meters above the sea level, respectively and the average elevation is 1269 meters (the elevation difference between the lowest and the highest points of the park is 88 meters). The tree coverage of the park covers a total area of about 734 hectares which includes: pinus eldarica, locusts, ashes, elms, maples, thuja orientalis, cupressus arizonica, ash leaved maples and judas trees.
  • Facilities

    Currently, Cheetgar park has facilities like sports-cultural complex, playground, auditorium and warehouse, cycling station and track, fire station, buffet and restaurant, office building, parkings, residential tents and pavilions, shooting halls, meadow, sitting platforms for families short stays, fountain and horse riding facilities. Most of these facilities are located within the eastern part of the park and the western area has less service facilities and has remained as a virgin forest.
    Biking trails of the park include speed and endurance tracks for men and an especial track for ladies.
  • More Info

    Among five metro stations located within the 22nd District, two stations are located adjacent to the Cheetgar park. Cheetgar forest park has about 14 kilometers of first class asphalted road (one kilometer of boulevard) and has about 50 kilometers of second class dirt road.
  • Metro Chitgar Metro Station - Line 5

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