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Deli Khalil Qaraghaj WaterFall

(13 رای)

Deli Khalil Qaraghaj Waterfall is located in the East Azarbaijan province and is considered one of the natural attractions and recreational attractions of East Azarbayejan. The upper hand of the grassland waterfall and the lower part are abandoned, which both create a scenic natural scenery.

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Deli Khalil Qaraghaj waterfall is located on the edge of the village of Pir Sagha, 40 km south of Qaraghaj city. This waterfall in the northeast of the village is located on the Delhi Khalil River, which is about 8 meters high and has a completely vertical slope (90 degrees), and the sides of the Deli Khalil Qareaghaj cascade are covered with basalt by black clay.

  • Specific information

    Pir Sagha is one of the historical and therapeutic villages of East Azarbaijan province located in the south of Charavimagh city. This village is located at the southernmost end of the province, which borders the West Azarbaijan province. It is located in a very mountainous area, 40 km from Garaghaj, 35 km from the road and the road is also suitable for this road. This village in a valley with a wide range of grasslands and dense shrubs like the Nguyen in the heart of this region.
    The mentioned village and neighboring areas in Hadamarz have occurred in three provinces of East Azarbaijan, West and Zanjan. From west to Badalamo Village, the famous nomad Shah Jourdi from Shahin Dezh and southern provinces to Ghezhelkala, Gotha Castle and finally to the lands of Soleiman and Takab Waz villages East to Ghowadegh, Ali Kandi and the famous mountains of Baba and Koohetaa (Jafar Abad), Vanhita are connected to the moon's villages of Zanjan and from the north to the villages of Ali Baghloos, Shaaban.

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