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Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology Museum of Karaj

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The Museum of Documentation, Manuscripts and Anthropology of Karaj is the first historical museum in Karaj. It is one of the top 12 museums in the country with research, research and activities, and has a research and research center and research center. Cerejd is also. Shoulder and weft weaving more than 100 years old, pork 80 years old, types of cigars and old headdresses, types of belts, pictures of Rijal Qajar period and ancient places of Iran, all and all can be in this museum saw

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  • Hours of work : 8 - 16
  • Address : Karaj- Taleghani Crossroad - Talrashechidan Nezhad Fallah - Museum of Documentation and Manuscripts and Anthropology

In the Museum of Documents, the manuscripts and anthropology of Karaj, there are numerous historical and ancient works of various historical periods. The museum includes various sections that are found in the documents and manuscripts of various types of petitions in different languages of Hebrew, Zoroastrian, Arabic and Persian at various historical times.
Types of business accounts, all kinds of eBay (account book), real estate document, commercial document and marriage document, all kinds of exquisite linear books and Holy Quran are among the attractions of this museum. Other types of documents are worthy of the museum, including print media, filing, government documents, envelopes, and government orders related to Afshari, Zandieh and Qajar courses.

  • Background information

    The Museum of Documentary and Manuscripts and Anthropology of Karaj after five years of hard work of research by Abbas Fattahian was opened in this city on 01/02/1388 and on January 1, 1388, his permanent license He received a presidential term from the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
  • Specific information

    In the museum of manuscripts and manuscripts in Karajbish, 40,000 linear documents are collected, which is ranked among the sixth Iranian museum in terms of the number of documents collected.
    The oldest objects of the Karaj Museum of Anthropology are pottery that dates back to the first millennium BC. There is also a bone of ancient humans found at the highlands of Sepahsarar Karaj in this museum. The oldest book at the Museum of Anthropology in Karaj is Youssef and Zulaykh's books, dating back more than 500 years.
  • More Info

    The Institute and the Center for Criognology Studies and Research also operate under the auspices of the Institute of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism, and at this center, experts produce films and provide photographs and reports of historical and antique works and attractions. Tourism in Karaj. In this research institute, there are 20 main groups in which 250 students, professors and artists are involved in the sub-group of these groups. On Thursday, each week, a meeting is held at the Museum of Anthropology in Karaj. Each Friday, Karaj tourist tours With research and research. Various weapons of war of various historical periods can be found at this museum.

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