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Dragon Mountain Garmsar

(4 رای)

On the left side of the Tehran-Mashhad road and in the north of Garmsar Mountain there is a mountain known as the Dragon Mountain for its apparent appearance.

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  • Address : Semnan - North Garmsar County

One of the most sophisticated and most unusual building phenomena in Iran is the northern Garmsar branch. The local people in the mountains call this phenomenon the dragon mountain. Red, brown and white stripes of the Upper Red Formation (Miocene) form a vortex wave and create a visual structure. This phenomenon is formed in the rocks of sandstone, shale and pith stone. This phenomenon of the geology of China comes in. The forces have entered two directions simultaneously and have led to the emergence of these spectacular China.

  • Recommendation

    On the east side of this mountain (about 500 meters) is a valley that passes through the valley into a saltwater cave in less than ten minutes.
  • Source

    Personal blog of Mozaffar Keshavarz Mohammadian

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