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Driveh Mount Gol-e-Khat

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: Kuh Gol Lake is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province and in the north-east of the Thirty-Hard Touristic City. Mount Gol Lake is located in the "Penetrating Spillway" of the famous Bijan Cave and Mountains Mountains, and the location of the lake is one of the most beautiful areas in the province, which in spring and summer is a variety of floral and aphid, The aroma of the mountain is full.


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The Gol-e-Sih Lake is about 32 km away from the city of Yasuj (the provincial capital) and is of interest to indigenous people and travelers. In the summer, the gathering of migratory birds along with native birds along the shores of the lake creates astonishing beauty. Among the migratory birds, we can mention duck and duck, green duck, lake, heron, drena, gypsy cucumber and chenger.
This beautiful area, located 8km east of the city of Thessaloniki and 44km from the center of the province, consists of three beautiful mountain lakes, the valleys, and the tangled salt water with beautiful natural scenery and airy environments. Next to this beautiful tourist collection, Dena's protected area has opened up the beautiful natural landscape of the area.

  • Specific information

    This tourist area is one of the most important tourist centers in the country. In a range of half a hectare and a depth of 15 meters in spring and summer, it has a special beauty.
    Presence of pristine nature and protected areas and the mountainous river is another attraction in this place. In recent years, cultural heritage has been done by travelers and tourists to observe the work of platforms, sub basins and health centers, and they receive a huge number of them each year. Domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Best time

    The best season for visiting tourists is the spring and summer seasons, and the most beautiful time is in May.
  • Recommendation

    The existence of pristine nature and protected areas, and the Kuh-e-Gol River are another attraction in this area. In recent years, cultural heritage has been undertaken by travelers and tourists to support platforms, sub-bases and health centers. One year old welcomes a huge number of domestic and foreign tourists.

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