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Dusar Shahri Jiroft

(10 رای)

Five kilometers east of Jiroft road to Kahnouj is located in the beautiful Dosari village; this village is located at a relatively pink colored limestone, 5 km from the main road and has a beautiful waterfall.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Jiroft Forty kilometers southeast of Jiroft, Dusari village

In the northeastern part of the two sari, there is a region called the port, where the flow of water has created a special glory and refinement. Citrus gardens and palm palms have given this village a special beauty.

  • Specific information

    In the north of this village is the natural flow of water, called the port of rocks, which gives life and refreshment to this area.
    Public Salt: The boiling of water from the lava to the limestone is a phenomenon that brings about this flow. In the rainy season, moving water on the altitudes and falling from the nose of this mountain depicts a vegetable line of algae and lichens on the water's course, which is actually spectacular.
  • Best time

    On the eve of March and March, aromas of orange spring and orange springs from the corner and around it.
    Due to the drought, the waterfall of Dusari falls in water for months and the rest of the year remains the only one.
  • More Info

    Dusari village with calcareous mountains and citrus or spring garden is truly memorable and memorable. Qadamgah belongs to the Prophet Solomon (AS) in this area.

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