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Eli Baghi Park

(11 رای)

Eli Baghi Park is the largest recreation complex in the northwest of the country, which has good recreational facilities, suitable green space and a fun environment for spending leisure time for families.

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1,000 hectares of this promenade are planted, 400 hectares of which are planted under plant species. There are now several trees, such as cucumber, acacia, asparagus, pine, and Tabriz in the park.

  • Background information

    The 230-hectare resort of E'Labaghi has been integrated into the green area of the municipality of Tabriz since the year 89.
  • Specific information

    Considering the excessive visits of domestic and foreign tourists to the historical and entertainment complex of Eulogoli and the crowds in the park, the construction of this complex has also been able to play an important role in attracting these tourists and creating a safe and entertaining place for these loved ones.
  • Outlook

    two children's playgrounds, two bathrooms, a paved road pavement and 200 alpine halls, including the facilities of this large park for the welfare of as many citizens as possible. In order to create amenities at the southern entrance of the Euloglu buffet, the sandwich model has been constructed at this entrance. This buffet has been designed and constructed in the form of a special hamburger sandwich that, in addition to solving the buffet problem at the southern entrance of El Goli, has enjoyed a unique beauty Created this park.
  • Must know

    In this series of new attractions such as the special joy of children and adolescents who is the first casual player in the northwest of the country, as well as tourist camps of the nomads of Iran and rock climbing for public use has been created. There are also many recreational, sporting and cycling facilities, such as the large northwest ride of the country, and artificial stone waterfall stairs, as well as the installation of several sets of sports equipment for the use of civic citizens.
  • More Info

    Part of the Eli Baghi Park has a drip irrigation system, and also due to lack of water for this well park, where the exploitation of this water source and the completion of the whole park under pressure is under irrigation.

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