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Eskandar Cave Tabriz

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Eskandar Cave is located 30 km from Tabriz in the village of Sa'id Abad (located in the village of Eskandar) and is one of the caves of the East Azarbaijan province.

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The width of the mouth of Eskandar Cave is about 5 meters and the walls inside it have interesting stalactites.

  • Outlook

    Inside the Eskandar Cave, Tabriz is relatively large, around the cave, the seekers of antique objects, and there is a dark hallway at the end of the cave where the smell of sulfur gas can be read from its proximity.
  • Must know

    Access to the Eskandar Cave of Tabriz through the Transit Road of Tabriz-Tehran.
  • More Info

    To reach the cave, take the best route from Ahar to Ahar, and after 6 km on the right side of the village of Tavighon to the village of Sa'id. After passing through the villages of Guar and Malekian - not reaching the village of Eskandar, a secondary road from the main road to the left, which is the sand-washing route, is split. There is about a kilometer ahead of the road to the right, which is seen from the white box of a mineral company.

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