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Fajr Cultural Recreation Center of Ahvaz

(14 رای)

After surfing in Ahwaz and its attractions, it is not bad for the variety to go to the Fajr Recreational Complex. In this complex, you can have features like carting, paintball, town hall, children's park and more.

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  • Address : Ahwaz, National Road, Zavieh Avenue, Fajr Cultural Complex

Sorena Motor Show is part of the Fajr Cultural Complex, which invites its enthusiasts to entertain cartoons with a personal or rented car. In Sorena, you can use amenities like a coffee shop, a car booth, an electronic rotation system, and a free wireless high-speed internet connection.

  • Specific information

    Rivnjur Paintball is also part of the recreational and cultural complex of Fajr Ahwaz, which can be a memorable time for you.

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