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Fayton Shopping Center of Kerman

(60 رای)

The Fayton Shopping Center of Kerman, with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, is considered to be the largest and one of the most equipped shopping centers in Kerman province, where you can prepare all kinds of your needed equipment and get a quick and easy purchase. enjoy.

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  • website : www.Faitoncente.ir_ website
  • Address : Shaheed Sadoughi Boulevard, Fayton Shopping Center, Kerman

Fayton Kerman Shopping Center includes 20,000 square meters of retail store and 20,000 square meters of parking, with more than a dozen thousand items. Various groups of food, dairy, detergent, sugar candy, plosko, toys, nuts and groats, cosmetics and hygiene, household appliances and handicrafts, carpets , Furniture and sleeping, pastry, birthday, hot food, breads and meat products, chicken and fish.

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    In the near future, the Fayton Shopping Center will host a billiard and basketball salon, an auditorium, an Italian restaurant fast food, a water park and children's parks, a playground and other sections.

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