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Forbidden hunting area of Shirin Chah

(11 رای)

The forbidden hunting ground of Shihin Chah is located 70 km south-east of Semnan with a height of 2300 m.

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Shirin Chah is a rocky mountain, due to its pristine nature, is an appropriate habitat for wildlife. The area is located in the geographical position of the eastern length of 54 degrees and 10 minutes and the north latitude is 35 degrees and 18 minutes.

  • Specific information

    Mammals such as hyaena, Caracal, Wolf, Fox, Jackal, Wild sheep and Goose Mountain live in this area. Other animals in the region include Jebir, Persian Ghazal, Eagle, Jardan, Snake, Hawk, Golden Eagle, Scarlet, Quebec, Tayho, Stone, Hedgehog, Sandy Fox.
    Coverage of the area is: Artemisia, Cinnamon, Gon, Wolf Razor, Grasshopper, Ephedra, Ashanan, Scissor, Marshmallow, Halibut,

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