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Fossil Abad Area, Desert National Park

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In the southeast of the National Park, the desert is a regional hill-like region that has fossilized species that has created very sophisticated and magnificent landscapes. The existence of these fossils is very important in terms of natural history as well as training in the desert.

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The fossils of this area are non-indicative fossils that exist in almost all periods or geological periods, and are not a specified time and geological time index. This area is a good place to study geoscientists and tourists alike.

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    Visiting this area requires an environmental permit from the Environmental Protection Agency
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    In order to access this area, it is necessary to enter the Desert National Park and move from the white water to the Baney Malek Abad. Fassil Abad is located near the Bani Malek Abad. The white water environment is accessible from 3 routes. First Route of Varamin, Rector, Long Castle Railway, on the Amani Bani Mubarakieh, Bahar Palace and White Water, the second route of Kashan, Aran and Bidgol, Maranjab, White Water, and the third route of Kashan, Abu Zaidabad, Ghasem Abad, Karashahi Castle, White Water.
  • Cons

    on this hill is full of various fossils of marine organisms. Unfortunately, in recent years, a significant number of these fossils have been destroyed by tourists.

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