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Freeway on Alborz

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Azadbar Village is located 70 km from Karaj. This village, which can be accessed from the Chalus road, is a very attractive winter season. According to the Inder of the season, you can spend a hearty day in the Free Zone.

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  • Address : Chalous Road, Gachsar Entrance, Azadbar Village

Gachsar entrance (Chalous road km 65) There is a left side of the road on the Karaj River, which leads you to the Azeri carriageway. After 2-3 km of dirt, this road becomes dusty, and if you walk the road 10 km, you will reach a huge waterfall. Behind this large waterfall is a small lake that is ideally suited for the warm season. After this cascade begins the Azadeb region

  • Background information

    Rural history such as Liberation has not been recorded, and the only source for historical material is local resources, so all the writings of this column are based on the words of the elders and village bearded bearders. In the past, there were far more people, nomads and nomads, and were mostly immigrants, and the Azad Byzantine region was linked to the Karaj by the surrounding villages, and even those who were from the northern parts of the country intended to leave Karaj from free They crossed over. This has led Azadr to host a number of fabrics due to the proper and safe geographic location due to the weather conditions in the country and good weather. Of course, in the spring and summer season the countryside was unrepresentative of the beauty of nature, the autumn and winter migrated to tropical regions due to the heavy snowfall of mountainous regions. Inevitably, with the advent of time and population growth and the spread of contagious diseases, living in such a region would surely have its own problems, and the region was vacant over time, and only the people of the free-living village lived permanently and lived in the village for four seasons. Occupation The main people of the village were livestock and agriculture.
  • Specific information

    Near the area, the waterfall and the cave are very sophisticated.
  • Outlook

    This area includes a river of water with several beautiful waterfalls, full of plants and flowers that will blossom you away; a full day in this lush green area along the river and the kobab and .... a memorable day. For you.
  • More Info

    Azadbar village included different tribes that, according to the heard, the "Baba" family was one of the first families to leave Azadr, and families such as Tajeddini, Baba'i, Ghafari, Jabari, and ... also migrated from different places to Liberty To the Azadeb village, it flourished and, despite family ties, continued its life in the countryside.

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