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Fun Time Laleh Park Tabriz

(13 رای)

Fun Time Laleh Park is one of the Tabriz Townships which is located in the third floor of the Laleh Park, Tabriz, along with its unique architecture and playground equipment. The visa application for children and adolescents is located on the third floor of the Laleh Parks Commercial and Recreational Complex.

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  • Address : Tabriz - Pasdaran Highway - After the Fahmideh Square - beside Bagh-Mishe Park.

Town Phase Fun Time Laleh Park Tabriz with 1100 meters area is located on the third floor of this complex. Town Phase Fun Time is one of the largest complexes of the Vietnamese Time Reconstruction Complex in Tabriz, and the architecture of this town hall is designed to encourage every visitor to the forest environment.

  • Outlook

    In the Fun Time Laleh Park, all columns are in the form of forest trees, and the walls of the complex are decorated with three-dimensional forest images, besides using mock-ups of animals and simulated forest water, completing the forest plan of this complex.
  • Best time

    The clock is set on normal days from 10 am to 22.30.
    Special Features: Three-story class parking.
  • More Info

    Laleh Park's commercial complex comprises 120 domestic and foreign brands in stores of 50 to 250 meters; this complex consists of 18 and 7 storey buildings with a 18-story tower facing the main building of the 5-star Laleh hotel, and the 7-story building Includes collection shopping center.
    In this center, there are 20 escalators and 4 lifters for easy connection between floors.

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