Ganjalikhan Mosque of Kerman

(46 رای)

Ganjalikhan Mosque of Kerman is located on the northeast side of Ganjali Khan field and is one of the valuable works created by this ruler of the Safavid era in Kerman. The architect of this mosque is Mohammad Memar Yazdi, whose construction of other parts of this complex is capable of He is done.

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It seems that the architect Yazdi, in view of the imam's mosque and the beauty of its magnitude, intends to play a role, and has demanded the construction of this mosque in a very small space, a subtlety that will admire each visitor.
He has gained admirable creativity in an area of 127.5 square meters, including passing narrow and narrow corridors and bringing people to a high-rise space with magnificence.

  • Specific information

    The presence of tiles, plasterings, sticks and beautiful lines decorated with this mosque is another spectacle of the Ganjalikhan Mosque in Kerman.

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