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Gar wet ice Alborz

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Yakhmrard cave is located near the Azadbar village and the old village of Gachsar and Chalous Road, which is approximately 65 kilometers from Tehran. Tourists who want to have a full visit to the Chalous Road Tourism Attractions, it is better to visit and view the Ice Cave.

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  • Address : 60 km. Chalous Road, Azadbar Village, Yakh Morad Cave

Yacht Morad Cave is one of the most crowded caves that is rarely seen, so visiting all its parts requires a lot of time, patience and precision, and is in perfect precision. This cave is not remarkable in terms of calcareous decorations, and there is nothing to be seen in a few small sections. But Alvan's sponge stalactites are underground, as well as some other parts of it. The entrance to the cave is located in the mountains of the region, and the path of the cave is generally steep and downward, which ultimately confronts the depths of the mountain with frosty springs on the ground floor and sponge caves stalactites. The height of the cave is about 2640 meters above sea level, and the mouth of the cave is three meters wide and eight meters high.

  • Background information

    The Ice Cave of Morad belongs to the second period of geology (Meso-Zwicka) or the Middle Ages, which extends from 70 to 230 million years. The architecture of the cave is such that the temperature of the arch is similar to the floor of the cave. The cave has tunnels, atriums, holes and wells of various types and has been covered with most floors, walls and vaults.
    The old village of ten has a long history and has been destroyed and repeatedly evacuated by several floods and re-opened by the inhabitants of the village, hence the old ten. The ice cave of Murad, one of the tourist attractions and spectacular of this village, is located on the northern slopes of deep gates leading to the Azadbar village, with a crater of about 2500 meters above sea level, and the length of the cave from the beginning to the end in the hole It is ambiguous and it is said that due to the numerous cavities in it, nobody has ever reached the end of the cave. According to the villagers of the old village, in the past, patients have been improved by eating ice caves that are permanently located at the end of the cave and are not melting in any season, and have therefore become famous for the Ice Cave.
  • Specific information

    The ice cave has a lot of air recoil and recessed air vents, and the outside air is severely flooded into the cavern, making the air extremely cool, causing the water in the cave to freeze and form masses. Large ice and large ice reservoirs, some of which reach 1.5 meters. The frost of the ice cave begins in March and lasts until mid-spring of the following year, and then, during the summer and autumn, the ice begins to melt and diminish due to air dryness and lack of water flow. A striking feature of this cave is that it is less visible in the caves of Iran. In the part of the four-floor cave with a height difference of more than 30 meters.
  • Outlook

    In the ice chamber, there is a large rock that has to be turned around to enter the cave. Then it reaches the site, with 3 ways out of it. The first way to the right ends after about 20 meters. The middle way is 50 meters to the brink of an abyss, where climbing techniques should be used to enter it. The third way or the left-hand corridor, which is the main branch of the cave, is the most beautiful candylit in the cold months of the year. After about 15 meters, the slippery path leads to a gap of two meters and a width of one meter, below which there is a deep abyss created with the iron sheets of the bridge over the gap. The second cave hall is in the corridor. This hall is twice the first floor, the third hall is slightly larger than the second hall but much higher. In the abyss at the end of this hall, there are ice breakers and a cascade of ice
  • Best time

    It is the best time to visit this cave in March and March, especially in the spring, because in this season the droplet of water drops into the cave becomes beautiful and beautiful cranberries and also in the outside of the cave ice The magnificent landscape of mountain aromatic plants is spectacular and magnificent for every visitor. The ice is famous for its beautiful icebergs, which will last until mid June. The ice cave is cool enough to see ice kennels in the middle of June.
  • More Info

    Majid Kasian, Damavand club's professional cave, and a map of the cave in the description of the cave of Ice Morad Alborz: "In the past, indigenous people have believed that ice in the depths of the cave for the treatment of female infertility has healing properties. And the existence of the old hogs (involved) in the main crater and inside the cave in the past that names the village adjacent to the old is evidence of this claim "

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