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Gardee-ghit-o-meymand Wetland in Naghade

(18 رای)

Gardee-ghit-o-meymand Wetland with vast expanses and one of the attractions of East Azarbaijan tourism. Every year, countless aquatic birds of different species in this region live, breed and nourish.

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Gardee-ghit-o-meymand Wetland in Naghade Wetland is located in the Godar River. This river is one of the permanent rivers of Naghadeh city and originates from the frontiers of Iran and Iraq, and after receiving numerous branches from the plain of Ashveniyah, it flows into the plain.
In this plain, part of the river water is entered by Hasanlu Dam (Hasanlu wetland) by the canal constructed by regional water of West Azarbaijan province.
The rest in the main river route and after passing from Mohammadyar and the road of Urmia, Mahabad and the villages of Darge Sangi, pollens can be found from the fields of Gardee-ghit-o-meymand, and the foot of Mount Bugha Dagh into the southern swamp of Lake Urmia

  • Background information

    Gardee-ghit-o-meymand Wetland in Naghade wetland is located 25 km north of the Gardee-ghit-o-meymand Road and is about 800 hectares. The wetland is one of the important centers for the gathering of migratory birds as well as fish species.
  • Best time

    Gardee-ghit-o-meymand Wetland annually witness the presence of many rare birds and threatened by summer and winter, including oak ducks, white duck, croaker duck.
  • More Info

    The area of the Godar River basin is 2103 km2 and the annual water collection is estimated to be 2,237 million cubic meters.

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