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Garden and Amir Abad Mansion Birjand

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Amir Abad Garden and Cove located in the village of Amir Abad, in the west of Birjand city, is located 5 km from Khosf-Birjand Road. The components of the complex include the garden, the cottage and the crew residence. Amir Abad Garden Birjand has several streets that extend in different directions.

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The main gorges of the garden and the Amir-Abad mansion of Birjand are built in the middle of the garden and in two floors. This building has a 8-sided plan, the entrance to the eastern side and after the entrance, is the upper-stage staircase. Along the entrance, the hallway leads to a basement in the central part of the building. The upper floor has a chapel with a chalupory plan, featuring porches and windows with a semicircular arc.

  • Specific information

    The pavilion has geometric brick decorations. The plant species of the garden are of great variety and include a lot of pine, cedar shiraz, sycamore, barberry, pistachio, figs, jujube and more.
  • More Info

    Amir Abad Garden and Couch was built during the Qajar period and was registered on the 1969 National List of National Monuments.

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