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Garden and pavilion Ali Abad (Arge Sepehri)

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Aliabad Garden and Cove is located 35 kilometers north-east of Birjand Road to Zahedan in Ali Abad plain and in the same village. The presence of fences and observation towers in the several hundred meters of the village indicates the importance of this garden and village. The garden and the al-Abad palace belonging to the Sepehri family are the agents of the regional governors.

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In general, this complex includes the garden, the main castle, interconnected buildings for the crew and the workers and guards, the bathroom and the kitchen, which has created the separated space from the rest. The building has been designed and built on the first and second floors. The ground floor of this building is in the form of a quadrangle with spacious spaces, chambers, between the house and the storehouse, which have been used for various uses as well.
The first floor of the complex also includes summer and winter rooms. Aliabad Garden has a main axis, on both sides of which there are pine trees, and the couch is located at a distance from the main axis of the garden. On the two sides of the main street, the Plots of Gardens are roughly neatly arranged.

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