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Ghaem Mall

(66 رای)

This mall has 6 floors and over 700 business units, 4 metal and glass elevators and escalators, 3 sets of stairs and 8 entrances

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  • Ghaem Mall
  • Ghaem Mall
  • Ghaem Mall
  • Ghaem Mall
Ghaem Mall Ghaem Mall Ghaem Mall Ghaem Mall مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +98-21-2275518
  • website :
  • Price : Average
  • Hours of work : 9am - 10pm
  • Address : Ghaem Mall, Tajrish Square, Tehran, Iran

It’s visited by thousands of customers daily. This mall is considered one of the most diverse, largest, best known and most accessible shopping Malls of Iran.

  • Specific information

    One unique feature of the mall is that each floor sells a different category of goods.
    1st Floor: On this floor, there’re over 100 gold and silver dealers, jewelers and watch stores. The floor has 3 entrances.
    2nd Floor: This floor is called the ground floor. It has over 120 clothing stores for men, women as well as sports, bedding, fabrics, groceries, fruits, and stationeries. This floor has 3 entrances.
    3rd Floor: This floor is known as the street level. It is has more than 120 stores selling shoes, glass and crystal, decorative home accessories, toys and eyeglasses. It has 2 entrances.
    4th Floor: This floor class has more than 120 stores offering women's clothing, coats, shawls and scarves, a buffet and a number of jewelry stores.
    5th Floor: This floor has mostly electronics stores selling mobile phones and accessories, desktop and laptop computers, gaming consoles. Internet cafes are also available. Other stores sell lingerie and cosmetics.
    6th Floor: This story contains over one hundred art galleries, fast food restaurants, traditional Iranian restaurants, coffee shops and buffets.
  • Facilities

    Restaurants, Fast Food, Cafes
  • By Bus Tajrish BRT Station (Tajrish Bus Terminal) - Line 7
  • Metro Tajrish Metro Station

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