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Ghalee-Bagh Garden and Mansion of Birjand (Ghalee-Baghe Mood)

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Ghalee-Bagh Garden and Mansion is located 30 kilometers from Birjand and in the city of Mod. The fence of this garden has 20 rounded towers with distinct intervals. In addition to these towers, a ditch was drilled about 10 meters wide around the fence, which made it easier to defend the castle.

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Ghalee-Bagh Garden and Mansion is a unique building with special architectural and artistic features, one of the features of this building is the history of changes in history.
What is emerging from the survey is that this building was originally a defensive fortress with a strong fencing with numerous towers, the reason for this claim. There are twenty circular towers in total, and in addition to the towers and fence, a ditch is also dug round the castle for further protection.
The main entrance of the castle is located in the middle of the northern side, with two entrances, two towers, and two small rooms for the guardians to reside.
The materials used in the construction of the fence and towers are clay and laminate, which, of course, is a multi-ribbed joint that works to increase the strength of the fence and towers.

  • Specific information

    Inside the castle, remains of an old monument that is a ceremonial mansion, featuring several porches, remains of a vagina, corridors and rooms. On the walls and vaults of the Avon, the highly decorated mansion of the painting is painted on gypsum with Islamic designs, flowers and bushes, and the role of birds. The main building was built in the north of the garden and it was built in two floors and its ground floor was used with a number of rooms and corridors as service and warehouse spaces and no decorations.
    On the first floor of the building, the mirror panel with plaster decorations includes the role of the head of animals, flowers, plants, and various slaves. Considering the presence of the mirror room as well as the large other room on the eastern side of the building with a gypsum decoration, it can be seen that this section was specially for guests and local guests for the life of the ruler and his family.
    The basin and its related buildings on the east, and a bathroom, and a number of rooms used as accommodation and warehouse, are located on the southern side of the complex. It has a treasure trove of architectural decorations.

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