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Ghalghanloo River

(5 رای)

Qalghanloo Lake, located in Ardebil province, is a 5,000-square-mile lake located in the eastern part of Khan Kandy village, in the warm city of Moghan, Ardebil province.

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Because of the special natural and geographical conditions, there are various types of animal life in the mountains and rangelands adjacent to KhanKandi. A variety of species can be found in the Khankandi mountains: Quercus, Quails, Ducks, Goose, Pheasant, Crow, Saree, Asparagus, Kebrotvshy, Zdorpe, Hawk, Balans, Eagles, Turtles, All kinds of poisonous snakes, rabbits, foxes, jackals, hedgehogs, wolves and boars.

  • Specific information

    The study of natural ecology in Qalghanlo indicates the existence of an ecosystem with a variety of aquatic organisms.
  • More Info

    One of the most important mountains of the Salavat Daghigh mountain range around Khankandi village is the Golandashi (2580 m high) and Dashi (2550 m above sea level) which are located in the south of the village and play a significant role in the region's climate So that with the onset of precipitation in the cold seasons these mountains are whitened and a lot of snow sinks. In the warm seasons, the melting snow of these mountains is the most famous river in the season of the warm city of the Toulon River (Toulon tea) that appeared in the years before the plumbing Water in the city of Garmi plays a major role in water supply R. The lush meadows and altitudes of the village are covered with alfalfa hills and alder hills.
  • Pros

    This lake is a good place to grow a variety of cold-water fish

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