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Ghar Saholan Bokan

(14 رای)

Saholan Cave, which Kurdish means frozen, is the second most cave in Iran, including the beautiful caves of the country. The local people call the Saholan Cave "Koone Kother", the nest of the pigeon

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The height of the ceiling of the Saholan Cave reaches 50 meters to the surface of the lake, and the depth of water reaches 30 meters in some places. The difference in temperature inside and outside the cave is between 10 and 15 degrees. The inner area of Saholan Cave is about 600 square meters and contains cemeteries of limestone.

  • Background information

    Cave studies show that the cave dates back to the late Cretaceous due to geological activities dating back to 70 million years ago.
    This cave was explored for the first time by Jacques Demeren 100 years ago, then examined during the Second World War by the British delegation, and was identified by Iranian gnosticists in October of this year.
  • Specific information

    The Saholan Bokan Cave is on the list of Iranian national natural wonders and is located in a pleasant climate of Mahabad, and every four seasons in this magnificent region has a beautiful landscape.
    The Sahvalan Bokan Cave daily welcomes around 1,000 tourists who travel to Mahabad from all over the country to see this natural phenomenon.
    The only creatures in this cave are the pigeons of the well and the bat that chose parts of the cave as nest, and due to the darkness and lack of light, no algae has grown in the lake of this cave, and nobody lives other than the microscopic organisms. .
  • Must know

    To reach the cave from the lush city of Mahabad, the hills of the road should pass the argument to reach the village of Jesus at a point.
    In the village of Isa, the road is divided into two routes that direct the path to Boukan and the right path of the tourists to the village Saholan and its famous cave. Saholan Cave has taken its name from the village in which it is located.

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