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Ghavam Park of Bushehr

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Ghavam Park of  Bushehr is one of the beautiful parks in this beautiful city with the famous Ghavam Restaurant. This restaurant was built at the site of the Ghavam water reservoir in Bushehr.

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In the midst of a children's playfulness, with a refreshing and pleasant sound of sea waves, there is a white stone and stone building. A building called Ghavam Warehouse, one of the masterpieces of the traditional and native architecture of Iran. Ghavam water storage is about 150 years old and belongs to Qajar era. The main skeleton and its vault are covered with highly resistant sedimentary rocks with three pivot spans by four-seater. Two meters from the water storage outside the ground, 2.6 meters inside the ground, and inside it is also made with a very robust casing. In the external view of the water storage, there is also a certain distance between the windows of 120 * 90

  • Specific information

    Ghavam water reservoir Bushehr is one of the historical monuments and landmarks of the province that is now used as a traditional restaurant and cafeteria.

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