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Gochgoli Lake inTabriz

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Gochgoli Lake Lake is located near the village of Samarakhazan, 30 km from Tabriz, on the middle of the road, and is one of the natural attractions around Tabriz.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Mianeh Road - Samar Khazan Village.

The Gochgoli lake has an area of 570 meters, an area of 24354 meters, a length and width of 180 meters, and a depth of up to 2 meters in the deepest point. Water is a fresh and fresh lake and is fed from glaciers and snow flats in the northern part of the summit, which will be the best place for the camp, if needed.

  • Must know

    Outdoors, a road on the southern end of the Gochgoli lake is a muddy goose that can be traversed by a car, and those who want to use more than their leisure time can take the path to the bottom of the lake. It takes about 3 hours to walk, so that it will continue the path for about 45 minutes, and after reaching the height of about 100 meters, there will be a grassland where a river called Hadir Cha'i is in progress. At the end of the meadow and the valley to the left (a valley with low water) there is a cold water spring. The path continues in the valley continuously to the south until it reaches the Gochgoli lake of the ram after 2 hours.
  • Facilities

    Recently, by the Mountaineering Board of the Sanctuary in the vicinity of the lake.
  • More Info

    Gochgoli Lake is located in the northern part of the Gochgoli Mountain. It seems that this place is the location of the waterfall of animals such as rams and goats and the whole, which causes the name of the peak. This summit is located north of Chichkollo village, south east of the famous village of Lighvan, and south of Samar Khuzan village.

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