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Golestan Garden of Tabriz

(13 رای)

Golestan Garden of Tabriz, or the garden of Fajr, is one of the old and famous gardens in Tabriz city, which Azeri languages call the garden golvonta, where you can spend hours of good green space and spend some time enjoying yourself.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Tabriz - Niroo-havayie Street - In front of Shafa Hospital.

The beautiful Golestan Gardens of Tabriz with an area of 52, 000 square meters in the west of the city, is located close to the center of Tabriz.

  • Background information

    Tabriz Golestan Garden was opened in the year 1308 and is considered the oldest Tabriz interior garden.
  • More Info

    The Golestan Garden, in addition to having a vast green space, also had a small playground in which the facilities such as caravans, diving, limousine, the death wall, Vatari boys, battalions, trains and ... There were people who were not very young in the past, especially children and adolescents, but since 2008, all children's play equipment was collected in the first and last park of the city center of Tabriz (Golestan Garden).

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