Golestan Hotel

(41 رای)

Among a bevy of furniture stores on a quiet section of Hafez St., the 36-room Golestan Hotel is in an area around historic Hassan Abad Sq.

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  • Golestan Hotel
  • Golestan Hotel
Golestan Hotel Golestan Hotel مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982166711417
  • website : www.gollestanhotel.com
  • Price : Average
  • Hours of work : 24 hours
  • Address : No. 14 , Hafez St., Hassan Abad Sq. , Tehran , Iran

It has 36 rooms.

  • Specific information

    Rooms are compact but clean.
  • Must know

    Documents for accommodation in hotel for single men are national card, for married couples are national and ID card, for single women are national card and permission letter and for married women are ID card or national card.
  • card reader
  • W.C
  • Wifi
  • Prayer room
  • rest place
  • Suitable for the elderly
  • public phone
  • Reservation
  • Metro Hassan Abad Metro Station

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