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Gonbad Bazjanjan

(57 رای)

Gonbad Bazjanjan is considered as one of the natural attractions of Kerman province. In the center of the Bazjanjan leaf, four gonbadennames of the Hormuz series have landed on the earth, with its two large, one large plain in the eastern south of the dome.

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Bonsenjn salt dome flows out of the earth in the form of concentric circles. Its core is shaped like a hill made of lime black lime. The salt masses of this salt dome have been created.

  • Specific information

    A large diameter of 10 km and a small diameter of 5 km. This salt dome is now active and rising. In all parts of this salt dome, the sound of breaking and the sound of rock sinking is heard from the walls, and in most places, fresh limestone, along with marne, is seen to fall.
  • Outlook

    A salt dome of Salt Mountain in the middle of the plate, which has an enormous breadth. This salt dome also has salt masses, but its main body is the oligist marls and gypsum. In the southern part of the river. A small salt salt in the eastern boundary of the plate in the south and north of the Tang-e-Chakchi River is among the carbonate rocks of the Asmari Formation - Jahrom, which has salt masses

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