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Green Palace (Sabz Palace)

(62 رای)

At the uphill end of the complex, the classical-looking Green Palace was built at the end of the Qajar era and extensively remodelled by the Pahlavis.

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  • Price : Economic
  • Hours of work : 9:00-17:00
  • Address : Valiasr Ave., Taheri St., Saad Abad Museum Complex., Tehran, Iran

it have two stages:
Waiting room: 70 sq. m. Kerman rug (70 wales), Shah Abbas design, Silver and gold tissue curtains, with a harmony between carpet, plaster-molding and mirror work.
Reza Shah working room: By a valuable rug, called Zelleh Soltan, 40 sq. m. Tehran rug (30 wales) ,medallion corner (Botteh) flower design is covered. Walls are decorated by Behzad paintings.
Ceremonies Hall: 80 sq. m. Meshed rug (120 wales) flower Arabesque design, and the best kind of mirror works on wall and ceiling .
Reza shah Dinning room: 40 sq. m. Yazd rug (40 wales), Arabesque design, with Behzad paintings on wall.
Corridor: Walls are covered by French Cashmere. Personal Facilities of Reza Shah are placed to be shown.
Reza Shah Bedroom: 4 sq. m. Sarough (Arak) rug (100 wales) medallion corner design covered the floor. Plaster-molding, mirror works and rug have a uni-design.
Living room: Two carpets cover the floor:
1)12 sq. m. (70 wales) Sheik Lotfollah Dome design
2)Isfahan small rug, flower Arabesque design.
Ceremony Hall: Here, find many decorative foreign things; the best is a silver vessel with 110 kilogram weight.

  • Background information

    Green palace was built during six years (1922 to 1928) in Reza Shah's period, by Jafar Kashani. This palace is covered with three different stones:
    1) Isfahan green stone
    2) Khamseh Zanjan in middle
    3) Italian stone for columns
  • Specific information

    It is the first palace built in the complex during Pahlavi dynasty by Reza Shah's order. The building is called green palace because of the color of its facade.
  • Outlook

    The design is opulent, with wall-to-wall mirrors in the appropriately named Mirror Hall and the bedroom.

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