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Haj Heshmat Lakshark (Ibrahim Khan's house)

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This building is located in the center of Sorkheh city and belongs to the Qajar period. Since this privately owned building and its main owner, Haj Heshmat Khan Peyvandi (the governor of the region), has become known as the Haj Heshmat House, and this is the architectural symbol of the Quaieri areas.

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  • Address : Semnan, Sorkheh

His original name was Mohammad Ibrahim, who was called Hashmat, who was called Haj Heshmat, and also a magnanimous military officer with the head of the General Staff, who, after the death of his father, takes the helm of the Fujian (regiment) who survives from his father. Because this magnanim is one of the most deserving and deserving people, Rashid and the attention of the Iranian government, especially the leader of the Sepahsalar, and Amir Azam (Nasrullah Mirza), the son of Vijayullah Mirzaspahsalar, the grandson of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, who was the ruler of Shahrood and Damghan and Semnan, was inspired by his father's insistence and taqid ( Sepahsalar), in spite of his inner will, hand over the rule of Semnan to Bachfayt Haj Heshmat. The scope of the Haj Heshmat rule was limited to the city of Semnan and its functions. The significance of Haj Heshmat was never due to the rule of Semnan. Because he was the commander and owner of the Heshmat Heshmatiha, one of the most powerful wars of that era, and was specifically directed by the rulers, especially the Sepahsalar and Muzaffariddin Shah of Qajar, and thus he was also nicknamed Heshmat al-Shahr

  • Specific information

    Twin windcocks overlooking this monument with pure decorations from the symbols of Sorkh.
    This building has been registered in the national monuments list.
  • Outlook

    The main house of Heshmat al-Lashkhr (Heshmat Grand) built by Haj Memar Bashi Semnani, as well as this historical complex including four residential buildings, Dar al-Hakomeh, garden, bathroom, school, etc. There are two houses left now.
  • More Info

    Sorkheh city as the center of this city has many historical and precious works, including Haj Heshmat al-Lashkour's house, the exterior of the castle, Jamea and Chehelsotun mosque, Imam Hadi mosque, Imam Hussein Mosque The ancient tomb stands are the historical places and also weaving carpets, weaving, weaving, weaving, weaving, handicrafts and melons, pomegranates, figs, almonds, walnuts, apples, pears, dairy products, Local bread is sweetened by the souvenir of this city.