Hajiabad Cave waterfall, Qaraghaj

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Hajiabad Waterfall Qaraaghaj is located 46 km south of Qaraghaj and in the sunshine slopes of the Akzalan Highlands at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level.

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Blue cave flows at 60 liters per second in Dubai. The cave has beautiful natural waterfalls and gullies, with a natural chamber and its cascades and gullies are very spectacular. The water of this cascade rises at a height of 10 meters from the cave and creates a frightening sound

  • Specific information

    In front of the cave there is a hill, its inhabitants are called Naderi fortresses. Naderi castle has carved stairs and can be seen from above those cities of West Azerbaijan and highlands of beautiful Azerbaijan.
  • Must know

    Hajiabad Waterfall is located 350 meters inside the cave. Due to the coldness of the cave and the high altitude of the waterfall, it is difficult to cross, but it is very interesting.

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