Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National

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South Khorasan Hall of Fame Museum and Figures National South Khorasan in the oldest building of the mansion world Akbarieh (late Zand) that governmental citadel Amir Alam Khan large "Heshmat al-Molk Alam" is located in a relief images and biography Introduces the celebrities and cooks of the province.

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Among the old provincial cooks who have been introduced to this museum, Ibn Hosam Khosfi, Hakim Nizari, Hakim Bazarjemar Ghaynei, Abdolali Birjandi and Badieoozamane Forozanfar are listed. Also, five of the fathers of Iranian science, which have been the province's celebrities, have been introduced to this museum
Professor Mohammad Hassan Ganji, the father of modern geology and meteorology in Iran
Dr. Mehdi Balali Mood, the father of the science of toxicology of Iran
Dr. Kazem Motamednejad, the father of the science of communication in Iran
Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Meshkat, the father of modern Iranian economics
Dr. Ali Akbar Behrman; the father of orthodontic science in Iran.
7- Qa'in Water Museum: The Qa'in County Water Museum is located in the Qa'in Market Water Market; this museum is the only water museum in the southern Khorasan province, including the display of waterways associated with historical periods and a series of images related to water facilities (Dams, water cisterns, qanats, etc.), devotees of letters, etc.

  • Background information

    The water museum of the city of Qain in November 2007, along with the second visit of the honorable government of the ninth and tenth governments to the city, after the operation was carried out by the Cairo Heritage Cultural Center in Abanbar, opened the bazaar of this city.
  • Specific information

    This water storage is located at the beginning of the stone alley where the old market is located, and is therefore known as the water storage warehouse, which was drained from the Qanat.
    The water storage facility has all the parts and the main characteristics of the water storage and has a staircase that leads to the spade. Considering the waterproofing of the reservoir and the historical evidence of the water reservoir building of the Teymouri period.

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