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Hasan Abad

(24 رای)

Hasan Abad is an old and traditional business area within the Moniriyeh district of Tehran, Iran.

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  • Hasan Abad
  • Hasan Abad
  • Hasan Abad
  • Hasan Abad
Hasan Abad Hasan Abad Hasan Abad Hasan Abad مشاهده گالری


  • Price : Free
  • Address : Hasan Abad Square, Tehran, Iran

The area was originally developed during the Qajar dynasty, when they were beautifying the capital Tehran. There is also a square in the area which carries the same name. The square was composed of four identical buildings, each covering one corner of the square.

  • Background information

    The name of this square comes From Mirza Hassan Mostowfi ol-Mamalek The prime minister Of Iran .
    Following the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the square was renamed to "31st of Shahrivar Square", however the new name did not stick and it is still known as the "Hassan Abad Square".
  • Specific information

    Following the revolution, the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization (ICHO) re-constructed several of the buildings in the Hassan Abad square. However, as part of the reconstruction they added two additional modern floors onto the old structure.
  • Metro Hasan Abad Metro Station

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