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Hasht jin waterFalls

(6 رای)

Hashtjin Waterfalls are located in Ardabil Province; Hashjin City is the center of Khorashtm district of Khalkhal city, Ardebil province in northwest of Iran.

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Rostam's stew from the north with Khalkhal and Kosar from the south with Zanjan province from the east with Shahrood and from the west with the neighboring city of Middle

  • Background information

    The correct pronunciation of the city's residents is asynchronous, and the oldest text in this regard is related to the scrolls left over from the time of the country. On the basis of this, Sargon, the King of Assyria, during the armed struggle, landed in Urartu to find a warehouse called Panziz, and to move his army to the southern borders of Urartu.
  • Specific information

    The famous Ghezel Ozan River in the south of this section is separating Ardebil province from the neighboring provinces of East Azarbaijan and Zanjan.

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