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Heram Dagh Mountain

(5 رای)

The Heram dagh mountain with a height of 4392 meters is located in Meshkin Shahr, central district, Lahrud village and 18 km southeast of Meshkinshahr city center.

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  • Address : Ardebil-Meshkin Shahr-Lahrud village

the three peaks look like Pyramids, which are located south of the main peak of Sabalan in the northern part of the city of Sarab and west of the Alvares valley.

  • Specific information

    The Heram dagh towers up to 4350 to 4400 meters and are considered to be the highest and most difficult to climb in this region.
  • Outlook

    These peaks look beautiful and hollow from the summits..
  • Best time

    The best time to climb the Heram dagh is mid-August.
  • Recommendation

    This text is written by one of the climbers who climbed the mountain:
    The northern sky is sometimes covered. The sun is at a glance in the west of the city, and we have a river on the western side of the valley with black rocks. We continue to pass through the glacier valley. It passes through small cliffs. The magnitude of the glimpse of the Great Heram seems to be the most obvious at every moment of the day. As we stretch across the southern part of Sabalan, we then climb the path toward the summit of the Heram. Its slopes are steep. On the other hand, it leads to the rocky faces and the walls ..
  • Must know

    The directions to the mountain is East-West and its geographical coordinates are 4750 and 3817.
  • More Info

    Heram Dagh 3 is connected by a high altitude to the summit of Sabalan and the Heram dagh 2 from the western part to the summit of Kasre Dagh and from east to the western part of Ghosha peak.
  • Pros

    Due to the unpredictable climatic situations of Sabalan area, the winter ascent to the Heram Dagh 1, 2, and 3 is difficult. Hurricanes, the extraordinary cold air leadin to the bottom of the Alvars' route, are part of the problems we might have leading there.

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