Historical Tissa Chabahar Village

(13 رای)

Tis is a small, lush green village located northwest of Chabahar. The existence of a mosque carved in the heart of Shahbazband highways at a local place like the Islamic city of Banzai and other cities, military and defense fortresses around the Tis, such as the Tisz-Kopan, are the cause of the village's carnage.

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Tis (Tis) village is located in the central part of Chabahar city, 5 km northwest of Chabahar port and at the mouth of Chabahar Bay. This village is northeastly to the Shahbaz Mountain, from the southeast to the Mount Peliband and from the east to the Lory Mountains.
The village of Tis is 10 meters above sea level, and its climate is warm and dry. The river Lavi passes through the village. The village of Tis is located on a foothills and has a dense residential texture. Village houses are built around a mosque in the village, and agricultural land and tall trees have come into the countryside.

  • Specific information

    In the construction of old houses, stones, gypsum, flowers, clay and brick have been used. New homes are made with materials such as cement, iron, bricks, and so on.
    The establishment of the Tis coastal village has a special appeal in the mountainous area with a variety of beautiful landscapes. The beaches of the Oman Sea, with the dreamy spaces of flying birds over the sea and the roaring waves, are a natural attraction of the Tisan countryside.
    Every year, many people travel to the Tis village, especially in the good seasons, for fun and relaxation.
  • More Info

    Tis Village, located 5 kilometers northwest of Chabahar, is located on the eastern side of the Free Trade Zone, dating to 2,500 years ago. The name of this village is known as the "sharp" in the books on the conquests of Alexander the Macedonian, which has gradually become Tis. In the works of historians and geographers of the Islamic period, such as "Moghadasi" (dated 4th century AH), it is referred to as "Tazi port" or "Tsi", which is located on the southern coast of Iran, and the Trade Center Sugar has been sourced from Sri Lanka and wheat.
    Tis is an ancient village surviving from the Achaemenid period. This village, located in Sistan and Baluchestan province, is located in Chabahar province and is located in the mountainous areas of northwest of Chabahar.
    In the old days, goods from East Asia and India arrived in this port and sent to the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Tis, of course, was an important harbor in the first Islamic centuries.
    Today, however, the Tis is more than a village located within the boundaries of the Chabahar Free Zone, and it is self-sufficient in the context of the Jabhar-Konarat relationship.
    It is located close to the Tis Bandar Kabard. Although the city is new and new, the Islamic Revolution and the imposition of war have been considered due to its strategic importance and nowadays it is wider and plays an important role in the economy of the country. Since its emergence as an industrial-free zone, it has enjoyed tremendous progress

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