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Holy Defense Museum

(42 رای)

Holy Defense Museum is located in Vanak square and its mission is to promote Islamic arts which are related to shining period of holy defense.

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  • Holy Defense Museum
  • Holy Defense Museum
  • Holy Defense Museum
  • Holy Defense Museum
Holy Defense Museum Holy Defense Museum Holy Defense Museum Holy Defense Museum مشاهده گالری


  • Phone Call : +982188657026
  • Price : Economic
  • Address : Sarv st, Haghani highway, Vanak sq, Tehran, Iran

Two art galleries in green open air area with an area of 200 and 300 square meter and one gallery in the main building, 1000 square meter in surface area provide the possibility for artists and all those interested in rich culture and values of holy defense to present their artistic works like painting, photography, calligraphy, statuary, and etc. in different Islamic occasions and occasions related to holy defense.

  • Background information

    During the holy defense Iranian troops were equipped by different types of weapons and military vehicles. Simultaneous with Islamic revolution, U.S backed Iranian military was in a critical condition in case of providing spare parts and ammunition, knowing this fact Iranian forces had managed to capture Iraqi weaponry to solve the problem. Majority of weaponry exhibited in the open air area of the museum have been captured by Iranian troops, including batteries, anti air-craft artillery and missiles, fighters, armored vehicles, main battle tanks and surface to surface missiles. Different type and made captured weaponry is a proof of Saddam`s international support.
  • Specific information

    Main entrance of the museum has been decorated with 9 martyrs` shrine, for visitors do honor to them. 7 of them are considered as unknown martyrs and the identity of 2 of them has been recently recognized. These martyrs were buried in anniversary of martyrdom`s day of the Prophet`s daughter in 2011. In all countries, there is a place for unknown martyrs that diplomatic delegations respect to them free from religious and politic beliefs. This shrine with raised flag of I.R.I makes a glorious decoration to visit.
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