House of Aminzadeh Shoshtar

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Historical House of Shoshtar (Aminzadeh House) is one of the historical houses of Khuzestan province, which was built during the Qajar period by a person called Aminzadeh. The house of Aminzadeh Shoushtar, which was registered in the National Book List in the year 78, No. 2446, is one of the most significant buildings in Shushtar's old context.

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Shushtar's historical home is located in the "Neemat Khane" and the Kura Shoshtar neighborhood, and its structure is traditional and consists of marble such as stone, brick and plaster.

  • Specific information

    The house of Aminzadeh Shushtar has beautiful stone ornaments, including latticework and carvings on the fronts of the porches on the south side, decorative brick columns around the entrances and on both the east and west sides of the brick china, which covers the entire facade of the house.
  • Outlook

    Four floors of the historic Aminzadeh Shoshtar house consists of Shawadan, Shabestan, Ground floor and First floor, which was built by the method of the Farhang and the center of Showadi. The head at the entrance of the building with beautiful brickwork is a symbol of the social position of the landlord and a marker of taste and taste in the application of architectural techniques, on the two sides of the entrance are two platforms that they say to them.
  • More Info

    Decoration inside the building of Aminzadeh's house Shushtar (historical house of Shushtar) is also made of bricklaying, grating and carving on the front of the entrance, porches on the south side, decorative brick pseudo-pillars around the entrances on the two sides of the east and west, and the porches And the inputs that were later blocked.

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