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House of Yaghmaheha

(11 رای)

The historical house of Yaghmaheha is architecture as one of the most beautiful houses of Shahrood and is also listed on the national monuments list.

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  • Address : Shahrood Avenue, Tehran, Tehran, Iran

This house is the only house with wind turbine in Shahrood. It is registered on the National List of Iranian National Heritage No. 4025 and is now located at Shahrood Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Office. The lighthouse, the basement, the symmetries in the plan and the facade, as well as the brick decoration around the courtyard are the architectural beauty of this historic building.

  • Background information

    Yaghmaei Shahrood's house was originally built by the Pahlavi dynasty in the year 1305 Hijri Shams by master Mehdi Heidarian and architectural style of Yazdi.
  • Specific information

    This house has a luminaire, pool, symmetries in the plan and facade as well as brick decoration around the courtyard.
    There is also a hallway on the corridor that you can walk through a spiral staircase, and in the western part of the courtyard there is also a pool, guest rooms, a water storage, an avion and the only windrow of the city.
    Other features of this house are cherry trees and a large gathering of chickens or cherries in this house.
  • Best time

    It is possible to visit this house at public office times.

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