Ibrahim lmamzadeh of Alborz

(9 رای)

This monument is located between two villages of Tanakman and KarimAbad. The existence of the old trees around this tomb has created a beautiful atmosphere.

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The main materials of the building of Imamzadeh Ibrahim (as) are Alborz clay and Kahgel and it is built in Safaviye style. The dome of this tomb is a conical shape, and the old tile of the tombstone in it is 1216 AH.

  • Specific information

    According to historical works and historical works, the construction of Imamzadeh Ibrahim (AS) Alborz has been restored several times during its lifetime, and some parts have been added. This work was registered on the 1386/3/3, the number of 19167 in the National Iranian Book List.

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