Ikhodan Zrisof Kerman

(48 رای)

Historical Ice Age Zristif Kerman is considered one of the historical works of Kerman, which is built with flower mud and represents the old architecture of the pilgrims. The Zarifs' refrigerator is related to the Qajar period and was registered on March 25, 2000 with the number 3510 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Address : Kerman, Zarissa Avenue (Shahada), Alasht Road

The elements of the Zarrisf iceberg in Kerman are the reservoir, the fence, the pool, the ice pit, and most importantly, the plan is a circular reservoir with a dome of the type of pillow on it. - Chal or ice hole, Cone-shaped dome or so-called oval. A cone-shaped gomper has been made with a thick clay and strain so that heat does not flow out into the inside. The tunnel is a few meters in front of the hole, so that the air does not enter quickly.
The crown of the ice walls of Zarrisf Kerman is in the decorative part consisting of at least eleven triangles. The walls of these walls create a canopy on the ice, as well as water that is freezing. These ice creams were usually built along the Qanats and the atmospheres It was beside these lakes that with the presence of water in these atmospheres and the cold below zero nights the desert froze the water and collected these ice fragments and poured into ice pits to use it in the summer They do. In addition, the ice was also used by snow gathering in the winter. The jets, as well as the part that they called the pool, unfortunately destroyed.

  • Specific information

    Inside this ice there is a fairly deep hole or depression about 5 meters high, which makes the collected ice still stay fresh and use it during the summer. The slope of this hollow or stone from a brick or brick it was made . This structure and many of the structures similar to this work of creativity and intellectual excitement of people who lived in a place that had hot summers and cold winters, and had this feature to make use of this blessing of God and for the welfare of their own thoughts The result is the idea of architecture that has now brought other peoples to admiration.

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